Sstyles Biography •

Sstyles is one of Toronto’s soon to be rising talents, on the verge of success, and on the road to stardom. Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Promoter/MC/Graphic Designer has set himself to be more than an artist,but an entertainer, and a business man. His charismatic, energetic, lyrical passion for music is soon to be a gift unwrapped to the eyes of the world. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, (being of Trinidadian decent) this young man has set his mind to shoot at various musical genres, shaping him to be the next complete, cultivated, diverse artist in the making. Growing up in a single-parent household, with a very strong musically family tree, and a mother who also sings, it was only right for Sstyles to inherit such talent you see today. Continuing his verge as a cultivated diverse artist, Sstyles challenges various genres of Music, that have influenced him to make music for the old, the young, and the upcoming; Incorporated genres like, Hip Hop, Reggae,Pop, Soca , Dance Hall & R&B. With a style of his very own and a persona of royalty he continues progress with every song he composes.